CELTIC, Central Gaul. Sequani.

Winning Bid: 101,00

Tarentum. Circa 490-480 BC. Didrachm or Nomos (Silver, 19 mm, 7.00 g, 6 h).

Item condition: New



CELTIC, Central Gaul. Sequani. Mid 1st century BC. Quinarius (Silver, 13 mm, 1.84 g, 11 h), Q. Doci and Sam. F. Q • DOCI Celticized head of Roma to left. Rev. Q [• DOCI] – SAM • F Horse springing left. DT 3245 (read as SAM F). LT 5405. Beautifully toned. Very fine.

From an old Swiss collection, formed in the 1970s, privately purchased from Münzen & Medaillen, and from the collection of F. de Saulcy, Cahn 81, 5 April 1933, 1606 (part of), (with original Münzen & Medaillen ticket and an old collector’s ticket).

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